DroneWorld RTF - Drone Racing FUN!

Houston's first and largest dedicated drone arena for racing and more.

With over 10 acres of flyable airspace, this is a drone enthusiasts dream.  DroneWorld RTF has an outdoor course where you can hone your flying skills and compete against your friends on many different activities and venues. DroneWorld RTF also has an amazing LED night racing course that will be fun for not only the pilot but the entire family!

DroneWorld RTF is located within at 5050 Acorn St. next to the Acorn Golf driving range. As DroneWorld RTF has partnered with Acorn Golf in this grand NEW venture, all visitors will have access to snacks, beverages of all kinds and the amenities of Acorn Golf.

The DroneWorld RTF park will serve as the Drone hub for all of the Houston  community not only from a hobbyist racing park, but commercial and industrial standpoint as well . Our campus can bring together a diverse business community and  provide opportunities for companies to reduce operating costs and improve operational safety.

The campus will be drone friendly and as a member you will have access to fly over 10 acres.  Enjoy Outdoor FPV (First Person View) drone race courses, a retail shop, a drone service center, a training center and many drone events and competitions.

So we only have one question...   Are You Ready to Fly???


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Choose from our wide selection of Ready-to-Fly (RTF) Recreational, Racing and Commercial Drones.  We also have custom built drones, parts to build your own and the accessories to get the most of your drone.

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Pilots for Hire

DroneWorld offers certified pilots for a variety of services including event photography, commercial and industrial inspections, and many more services.

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1st Responders

From prior warning systems, to aerial intelligence, to being lifesaving equipped, there are many specialized drones that can help save lives and keep 1st responders safe.

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Authorized Service Center

DroneWorld is an authorized service center for many of the major drone manufactures.  We can help you repair, upgrade, and performance tune your drone to get the most out of them.

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Training and Certification

Whether for hobby or for industrial applications, learn to fly safely and with confidence.  DroneWorld can help you achieve your goals through training and pilot certifications.

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DroneWorld represents industry leading  software solutions including image processing, 3D mapping, 3D laser scanning, aerial imaging analytics, UAV flight control software and much more.

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Industrial Services

Drones can dramatically increase productivity through aerial inspections and mapping.  Plus, drones can increase safety by removing humans from dangerous activities.

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Entertainment Park

Over 10 acres of safe flyable airspace.  Indoor & outdoor FPV drone racing tracks, corporate and birthday event space, monthly meetups, and many other fun events.

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Drone Detection

Protect your critical infrastructure and your commercial or private property by installing military grade but affordable drone detection & neutralization systems.

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Come out and visit us and bring your drones for a test flight or come try out one of our demos.