DroneWorld is here to serve you to make your drone experience enjoyable.  We are experts at keeping your drone flying and teaching you how to fly it the best. Here's how we can help.

Drone Service Center

  • Authorized Repair Center - Whether your drone is damaged or just not operating properly, let us evaluate and repair to get you back to flying
  • Custom Built Drones - Drones can be endlessly customized for many purposes.  We can help you add your own touches to accomplish your task whether it is for recreational purposes or for industrial application.
  • Upgrades - Many drones can perform better with minor upgrades.  DroneWorld has many custom upgrades to on even the most common drones.
  • Programming Tweaks - Along with mechanical upgrades, many drones allow their software to b upgraded also.  It can be custom programmed to enhance performance such as adding DroneWorld's custom "turtle" mode which enables drones to be turned over if it lands upside down.
  • Performance Tuning - Do you want to have the fastest drone to beat your friends?  DroneWorld can performance tune props, programming and upgrade components to ensure your drone is the hottest racer around.


  • Real Estate & Promotional Photography - Show your property or business off with beautiful 4K high definition aerial photography and video.  Perfect for both the home with an attractive back yard, ranch property or business promotion.
  • Aerial Surveying and MappingHire an expert pilot to thoroughly map out land, features, plant growth and elevation changes across expansive stretches of land, crops, mountains, forests, etc.
  • First Responder Assistance - From Search and Rescue, to improving fire fighting, to keeping law enforcement out of harms way, drones can save lives and provide critical information to keep people safe.